Friday, March 12, 2010

Finalmente: Roma!

As I have aforementioned, I did not take many photographs as one would expect in Europe. But I did take many more in Roma than I did the other places. I have to admit that I had a rather difficult time scraping up the courage to look at these photos. A part of me didn't want to mutate the image of my mind of Roma with actual images of Roma. Nonetheless, I feel a longing that I cannot put into words when I see these photographs. I am in love with La Città Eterna. But this you already know from my previous blog about Roma. So here I am exactly 40 days later after leaving Roma posting these images and without further ado, my version of Roma, in chronological order (except for the last image):

First things first, Musei Vaticani

Don't ask me why but I love photographing police officers. Remember the one I took in Masachapa?

Can you see my reflection?

Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano

I climbed stairs...and then more stairs but I eventually got to this...
the ceiling inside the Basilica and I also saw this...

Piazza di San Pietro
Seeing the city from so high above was so amazing. I could see many of the famous spots of Roma.

The best shot I got of Pietà

La Fontana di Trevi
The fountain that has shaped my childhood dreams.

During the day...

and at night. Yes, I went twice. Actually, I went four times!

Il Colosseo

La Porta Portese
The Roman flea market and I found many treasures that I brought home with me.

He was the most interesting character that I met in Roma. He would not let just anyone buy his stuff. I don't understand why but he was extremely particular to who could even look at the vintage photographs that he was selling. I was part of the lucky few allowed to get near. I bought some amazing vintage photos for €20.

Yes, all of this was for sale.

Leaving the Fiumicino Airport (again) after a missed flight

La strada: compilation of shots while roaming the streets of Roma

Piazza Venezia

I love the look of this man. I love and hate this McDonald's sign but then again, it is the very spirit of Roma that I love: the clash of the ancient with the modern.
Behind the Pantheon

Piazza Navona

And now, my absolutely favorite photo of Roma. It symbolizes all that I love about Roman culture and its inhabitants. If I think one photo I took can portray the spirit of Roma the way I see it, this one would be it.

Manco presto bellissima, siamo insieme.


  1. Ehi Mariana, i think you like Rome! I love it so much and in my opinion it's the most beautiful city in the world. Do you agree?


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