Sunday, August 9, 2009

Second Saturday

Second Saturday, Sacramento's little jewel. It is the opportunity for all of Sacramento to enjoy free live music, art, and sometimes even food. I suppose as an art lover what I appreciate most is the opportunity for local artists to be exposed to the general public--artist which normally would not have the chance to be seen. There are literally over 90 art studios in the Sacramento area and simply not enough time to see them all. I try to visit a variety to get a feel of the local art scene and I have to admit that there are many talented artists in Sacramento.
Although I love visiting the galleries, I have to admit that my favorite part of Second Saturday is the people, they are an explosion of colors and personalities. I am fascinated by interactions and expressions of people. What better opportunity to photograph?

Boxers and Bikes

Java City



Walking traffic

Paying for the bill

I want a scooter

My self-portrait?



Under the sea

They are Open

Mailbox on 18th

Care for a drink? @ Shady Lady

I need to travel!