Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CCAS Benefit Art Auction

Yours truly will be working this Saturday at the CCAS Benefit Art Auction. Not only will you be supporting this wonderful museum (where I am happily employed) but you will be contributing to contemporary art education in the Sacramento. Also, as if those weren't reasons enough, one of my photographs is in the silent auction so come on by and bid!
For more information click here.
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The 2010 Benefit Art Auction is the primary fundraiser for the Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento. It features the work of 115 artists, primarily from the greater Sacramento region. The auction is a combination of live and silent- this year the auctioneer will be David Sobon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I used to do this thing called "photography"

Yeah, lately I feel so deprived. Granted, I am doing my photography work related freelance projects but there is something missing in my photographic life. Am I feeling nostalgic for film? Am I missing the sound of the shutter and the film run? I miss the darkroom, that's for sure. I miss the smell of chemicals not washing off my hands. I miss the sound of the running water and those barely luminescent red lights. I feel nostalgia for a time gone by...
This image was taken circa 2004 with my old Nikon 35mm.

I need to travel!