Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh what fun...

Flour and Sugar...check

Chocolate chips...check

A crazy seven year old ready to bake...check

I have everything to make the best deserts for Christmas. Yasmin and I got a little zealous to prepare our double chocolate chip cupcakes that we began eating our chocolate chips early. Unfortunately, I think we might have to go to the store again tomorrow though to re-buy our chocolate chips because we had a little too many to eat today.
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Images of friends

Suddenly now that I have more time to do pleasurable things (since school is out), I can dedicate my time to photographing and editing more. Have I ever mentioned how much I love it when friends come to visit me at work? In case you didn't know, I work at the Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento. I love my job. I love being around art and I love talking to people about art. Educating people about art and art history has become one of my life's passions hence the reason why I am studying it further to deepen my knowledge and understanding. But anyway, I am getting off topic here.
This past Saturday was Second Saturday and I had visitors and my camera so these were the results.

My sweet little Brenda Esquivel

My recently engaged friend and artist, Heather Marshall

Friend and artist, Salvatore Victor

The beautiful Star Mendez

Clearly, just one photo is not enough of Star.

Cell Phone Photograhy

Who takes this kind of photography seriously?
I don't know, sometimes I feel sort of ashamed admitting how much joy I get from photographing with my cell phone. I like the convenience, I like that it doesn't require me carrying my camera because after all, after that experience in Como, Italy of dropping my camera, I am even more afraid to carry it around too much. Besides, it seems that electronics and I don't seem to get along too well.
Don't even get me started about my last year with cell phones. In 2010 have gone through four phones, one iphone and three blackberries. I am over expensive cell phones. It appears I am not responsible enough to own an expensive cell phone so I caved in and got a simple phone. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay, my new cell phone only has 2 mega pixels. I didn't think about this fact, after all my second calling in life is cell phone photography. Oh well, such is life.
So in honor of the cell phone images I have taken in the past, I decided to share some of my favorite ones from my trip in Europe this summer. Besides I am suffering from wanderlust but hey, what else is new?

 London, England

Beveren, Belgium

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: My friend Siemen, who I met in California summer 2009.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: My wonderful Greek friend George that I met while in Holland.

Den Haag, The Netherlands

Den Haag, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: My Dutch sister Joanna aka Juanita

Paris, France (do I really even need to label this?)

Paris, France

Florence, Italy: The best breakfast in all the world, cornetto and cappuccino.

Perugia, Italy: Umbria Jazz Festival. The band playing is Libbico and the Almost Blues.

Perugia, Italy

Perugia, Italy

Loro Ciuffenna, Italy: The studio of the amazing artist Venturino Venturi.

Chianti, Italy

Chianti, Italy

Milan, Italy

Como, Italy

Como, Italy

Barcelona, Spain: Casa Mila

Barcelona, Spain: La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain: Parc Guëll

Barcelona, Spain: Parc Guëll

Barcelona, Spain: Parc Guëll

Barcelona, Spain: ME!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CCAS Benefit Art Auction

Yours truly will be working this Saturday at the CCAS Benefit Art Auction. Not only will you be supporting this wonderful museum (where I am happily employed) but you will be contributing to contemporary art education in the Sacramento. Also, as if those weren't reasons enough, one of my photographs is in the silent auction so come on by and bid!
For more information click here.
auciton logo

The 2010 Benefit Art Auction is the primary fundraiser for the Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento. It features the work of 115 artists, primarily from the greater Sacramento region. The auction is a combination of live and silent- this year the auctioneer will be David Sobon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I used to do this thing called "photography"

Yeah, lately I feel so deprived. Granted, I am doing my photography work related freelance projects but there is something missing in my photographic life. Am I feeling nostalgic for film? Am I missing the sound of the shutter and the film run? I miss the darkroom, that's for sure. I miss the smell of chemicals not washing off my hands. I miss the sound of the running water and those barely luminescent red lights. I feel nostalgia for a time gone by...
This image was taken circa 2004 with my old Nikon 35mm.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hymn of a dying cynic

 Sometimes I like to write s*#$&@ poetry too.

Hymn of a dying cynic

Fiery intoxication of the best and worst kind.
I feel you seeking me
your eyes search for answers
underneath the surface.
I have become a splinter
lurking within the shadows of your thoughts
where you decorate my image with the thirst of desire.
I make you suffer a bittersweet agony
you hope to deny.
But I don't understand this reasoning
I say, if you feel it
let love intoxicate,
suffer its feverish chills
let it infect every last inch of your being
soak its venom right into your soul
let it kill you
and bring you back to life
turn life into poetry.
Your love has already begun to saturate my veins
she inspires the muses and awakens my soul
My once empty canvases
that lay like carcasses on the bedroom floor
have sprung to life
filled with vibrating colors and music.
Sweet love, take me further
push me off this cliff and see me fall
watch my body twist in sweet agony.
Let me house you in the temple of my loins
cradle your insecurities
wrap you in the cloak of my love!
Share this agony with me
so in turn we can both be captives of the same affliction.

October 7, 2010 © Mariana Moscoso

Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Time. No Editing.

I wish I could write an awesome and well thought out review of my experience at this year's Lambda Fall Spectacular put on by McGeorge School of Law but unfortunately, my life, has been crowded by work, school and above all: child. I am starting to wonder why a day only has 24 hours and why does it feel like I never get enough sleep. It may sound like I am complaining but honestly, I don't think I have been happier. I am busy beyond reason but this is the spice of life. I am living. I like that.

Honestly, it feels like such a crime not to include a whole set that I enjoyed of the show but right now with this limited time, I can only give a tease.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2nd Annual Lambda Fall Spectacular

I was there for the first one and it was loads of fun! I suggest that if you are in the Sacramento that day that you don't miss out on this event.
I took this photo last year...remember?

Friday, September 10, 2010

What's the point of having a child if you cannot brag about them?

This morning my daughter received an academic award for being an excellent speller! Sometimes I wonder if this child is even mine with this ability because it is certainly not my forte (thank goodness for spell check). Needless to say, I love her.

Yasmin = LOVE

Monday, September 6, 2010

Color me Rainbow

Labor Day weekend is possibly the busiest weekend in Sacramento this year. There is so many different events going on that choosing just one to go to is simply torture. Well, at least for me! On top of this, I worked at CCAS this Sunday so it left very little time Sunday to be out and about. I did on the other hand catch the last hour of the Rainbow Festival Street Fair. I have to say that I caught the crowning of Miss Trans and I saw Fedro perform. The final hour was certainly exciting and fun!

This scene of Faces reminded me of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks

Miss Trans 2010

Miss Trans 2009

I need to travel!