Thursday, May 28, 2009

Protest against CA Supreme Court Decision

I have always been interested in doing photo-journalistic work--and I hope these images evoke the quality of work that a photojournalist would expect to get from such an event.
I remember always being fascinated by National Geographic, in fact, I still drool over their images in National Geographic and patiently wonder at the ArtStor's photojournalism collection. The images produced by historic events always contain an immense amount of emotion. I love how the photographer is sometimes ignored and at other times engaged with the subject. Some of the most powerful images, in my opinion, is when a single person in the frame is staring directly with at the camera. It feels like the gaze is so penetrating that it reaches beyond the lens and personally touches each viewer of the image.
In this particular case, there was of course an immense amount of emotion both of sadness and hope. I feel that despite the CA Supreme Court's decision spirits were high and I believe the energy of the rally can truly be felt through the images.

I just love the look of the man holding the, "Why are you judging us?" sign.

My adopted little sister

Tina Reynolds, from Equality Action Now.

I need to travel!