Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Time. No Editing.

I wish I could write an awesome and well thought out review of my experience at this year's Lambda Fall Spectacular put on by McGeorge School of Law but unfortunately, my life, has been crowded by work, school and above all: child. I am starting to wonder why a day only has 24 hours and why does it feel like I never get enough sleep. It may sound like I am complaining but honestly, I don't think I have been happier. I am busy beyond reason but this is the spice of life. I am living. I like that.

Honestly, it feels like such a crime not to include a whole set that I enjoyed of the show but right now with this limited time, I can only give a tease.

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  1. wow Mariana those are some great pictures! Love them! Maybe you should do event photography, you seem to capture this very well! I am glad you are happy too, that's so good to hear! :) Keep on livin' girl! hehe


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