Thursday, February 4, 2010

Masachapa, Nicaragua

There is nothing like spending a few days by the beach. My family and I rented a beach house with five bedrooms for three days in Masachapa. It is an adorable little beach town that survives solely on the local fisherman. It was probably the most relaxing three days that I had had in a very long time. I spent hours just on the beach or in the ocean bodysurfing. I met a lot of interesting people while there and I will give little captions about them below their photo.

This is where I sat to view the Pacific Ocean when I didn't want to be in the sun anymore.

My father

These are guys that I met as I was walking along the beach. The guy with the pink shirt, Marco, is a local and he was interested in who I was and what I was doing there. Turns out, he spoke a little English and was having fun speaking to me in English instead of Spanish.

This is the busy beach during the early mornings to sell the fish caught very early morning.

This man was the guard of the watchtower I took this photo from. We had an excellent conversation about the environment and socialism (Nicaragua is a socialist country).

The amazing view from the watchtower.

Fried fish bought from the beach that morning.

A marimba band we hired to play music for us for an hour!

I love his passion!

The men in blue...look at these very serious poses.


  1. great blog, the guy in the pink shirt, his name is peter, He is a great artist, I taught him alot of his english, My family owns Casa LaSasso the Gringo bar on the beach, and he lives next door. I am now living in Canada, so i really enjoy these pictures, they bring back alot of good memories


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