Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I heart U too

I love coffee. Every morning I make my latte with a lot of joy and tenderness. It is a labor of love and an art if you ask me. After all, coffee as savory as it can be, it can also be quite disgusting if it isn't done just right. I love my espresso maker so much that the day I bought it last April, I took a picture of myself with it (see below). I prepare 3 shots of espresso as I warm up a cup of vanilla soy milk on the stove. First, I pour the espresso into my favorite glass, then add the soy milk and my final touch of agave syrup. It may not the most authentic Italian coffee but I love it all the same. What is the best part of making a latte? Making a design with the milk. But this morning...

to be honest, I was running late this morning and I was not able to prepare my coffee. So I proceeded with the next best thing, to go to Temple Coffee and ordered a soy latte. Granted, I think it is a peccato to pay over $4 for a latte when I make a delicious one myself or when I know I can get away paying 0,80€ in Italy but at least Temple has good coffee and my coffee expresses the same affection for me as I do to it even if not prepared by my own hands. 


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  2. Nice "HEART" is pictured in the mug!!!What an artist!!!hehe...George the Greek:-)

  3. I love the first photo. I too love coffee, it's so damn good! I used to have a coffee maker like that. Now I use a "French Press" (as we American's call it).


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