Friday, March 18, 2011


I have been photographing chemtrails from my iphone a lot lately. I see them everywhere so I decided why not start photographing them. Granted, I am always on the move and I rarely carry my DSLR for practical reasons so I have been making cell photography my main medium these days. My friend Naomi was so kind to send me the info on an app to download called Instagram. Although I try to avoid social networks because I am paranoid and I think they are tracking systems, I do love the idea! Anyway, I am obsessed with this app now. I love it! Not only can you share photos but it has a handy editing tool. Anyway, here is a screenshot of the program and some chemtrail photos I have taken and then used Instagram to edit.

Taken in Elk Grove - 17-Mar-2011

Taken near UC Davis - 10-Mar-2011

Taken near CCAS - 13-Feb-2011

Taken northbound on Highway 99 - 02-Feb-2011

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