Friday, July 16, 2010

Travel Blog: London

I really wish that I was good at live updating when all the excitement from my adventures are fresh but due to the excitement and the desire to live each moment to the fullest, I avoid spending too much time on the net or editing images.
I feel like it was ages since I was in London but really it was only 24 days ago...well in the normal world that is not a long time but in the vacation world, it is truly an infinite amount of days.
My time in London was a great prologue to this vacation. I saw many of the famous spots in London and even visited the Tate Museum. I think it is pretty good considering that I was only there for two days. I have to admit that I got very little sleep which is probably made it so that I could experience more. I met many amazing people, including my Spanish penpal Javier. The only regret I have is not spending more time in London--maybe next time I visit Europe. Here are my favorite images.


on the Underground from Heathrow

I had written down the name of the street in my journal but currently it is not in my possession any longer (this story will come later).

view from the Waterloo bridge

I heart bikes too

The Houses of Parliament

My penpal Javier

View from the Queen's Walk at Sunset


  1. Love the photos! Glad you enjoyed London!

  2. Got a new passport?!

  3. Yes, I needed to get a new one! But all is well in the world of Mariana again.


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