Saturday, December 19, 2009


California, aren't we famous for our lovely weather? I suppose that is true for Southern California but Northern California is another story. Although, this winter is certainly colder than most (as far as I can remember). It even snowed in Sacramento! I didn't get a chance to actually see the snow because it had already melted by the time I woke up but I did get some photos of the frost. So I know these are a little late (they were taken December 9th) but I have been so busy with finals and getting ready for my trips. So these are the last photos I leave you with this year! I won't be updating my blog with photos until the new year.
I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and New Year!


  1. I love photos of leaves. Really good photos Mari, you captured the frost beautifully.

    Have a great travel time and call me when you get back so I can come visit you up in Sac! :) Love you!


I need to travel!