Friday, April 10, 2009

Doodling my life away

Lately I've reached an artist block. I suppose it is something like a writer's block but this particular block is truncating all of my visual art efforts. My muses have abandoned me so instead I have found a different creative outlet.
Now-a-days, with all this "free" time that I now I have, I find that the most creative thing I can do is ride my bike. I've been taking 27 to 40 mile bike rides. During these bike rides I spend hours in meditation where I go from every range of emotion from happiness to sadness to anger and back. Sometimes I am just riding along enjoying the sun and the nature surrounding the American River bike trail. Lake Natomas is actually very beautiful and I really enjoy sitting on the river bank taking a break and attempt to do some drawing. I try to just doodle to get my creative juices going but lately nothing is sparking my imagination. So after a few drawings like these I just enjoy the scene of the lake for a little longer and then hop right back onto my bike.
Muses, where have you disappeared to?
I feel like there is so much inside of me that could be used to inspire, yet I feel dry. I have always been interested in the interplay of words and visual art so I started doodling today in my journal and I came up with a semi-poem and color piece but even this is blah.
All of this non-inspiration inspired me to rearrange my room to hopefully improve the Zen of my creative space. I have to say that it is looking good right now though I am not finished. I still need to clean up some stuff lying around and build my new art table, which I bought over two months ago by-the-way. Hopefully these changes will revitalize my visual art and bring a surge of creativity my way. One can only hope...

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  1. I don't have a muse either. Sigh. I wish I had one!! Ah well. I like your doodles. I can't believe you have been riding your bike so many miles. That is INSANE. I bet you are becoming very toned, huh! :) Good for you!!


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